UCOTrack applied: Preceptorship in Spondyloarthritis



The 5th and May 6 will take place at the Reina Sofia University Hospital in Cordoba the Seminar: Perceptorship in Spondyloarthritis .

The purpose of the seminar is to provide specialists in rheumatology of fundamental and advanced skills to enable them to provide their patients with spondyloarthritis comprehensive care approach them for excellence in clinical practice and an introduction to research in this field that allows them to deepen their knowledge of the disease and create new concepts and opportunities for better diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease.

In practice sessions, groups of 4-5 students in each rotatably attend to each monographic consultations. One of them will be at the Motion Analysis Laboratory .

This laboratory is equipped with UCOTrack technology and demonstrate the use of it in assessing the level of mobility affectation of patients with spondyloarthritis.




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