The sport performance consists in minimize effort to getting optimal motion. To obtain an efficient performance is necessary a efficent and effective motion as one of another physical points.

The sport motion is characterized in a serie of biomechanic parameters that makes a movement is executed so achieving that result. The variation of the parameters values completely changes the result. Therefore, the movement executed with optimal biomechanical parameters values will a efficient and effective motion improving sport performance. The values of these parameters are different depending on rules, gesture and sport to applied. However, the parameters to be analyzed are usually the same: distances, times, speeds, accelerations, center of mass and forces. 


UCOTrack as 3D capture and analysis motion with high speed synchronized images captured offers an accurately perfomance analysis. UCOTrack provides custom reports with the most important biomechanic parameters and its values in order to improve sport performance. Moreover, UCOTrack offers bibliography values to compare the performance of an athlete.

Improve sports performance not only train more, if not, train properly, efficient and personalized. Motion analysis allows the trainer to adapt specifically training the athlete to achieve greater sport performance fit athlete situation.

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