Much of the sports injuries are caused by a poor movement execution called "harmful movement". it is true that a big number of harmful movements can be seen visually specially in athletes whose technique is defficient, but as the execution of the movement has greater technical quality is more difficult to see harmful movements by the  human eye.

The importance of see the athlete motion execution in a precise and detailed way is well in the efficiency and effectiveness of these movements, in finding harmful movements that compromise their health. Thus, through a 3D motion capture system as UCOTrack the analysis of high speed synchronized images captured by multiple cameras report any innapreciable harmful movement by human eye. For example a harmful movement that lasts 0.1 seconds but that is repetitive in each phase and that eventually can become a serious injury to the athlete.

In addition to motion analysis to find harmful movements, UCOTrack also applied to analyze the movement of sports rehabilitation and quantify the progression of the athlete's injury. Subjectivity promoted by a low mood may think that the progression of their injury is bad. Instead, it may be that their mobility is greater.


In our researchs we have shown that the influence of mood is very high when assessing a person's mobility. Thus, although his mobility was higher than in previous months after applying treatment he said that his injury was not improved but when his motion was analyzed after and compared the previous months he had improved significantly.

Thus, UCOTrack in the athlete injuries offers a precise and detailed motion analysis in order to find harmful movements and/or quantify without subjetivity influenced by mood the improvement of a treatment.


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