Technical Gesture

Technical Gesture

Technical sport gesture is one of the most important point in athelte motion. This gesture consits of a serie of linked movements with a final aim. Performing this gesture in a efficient and effective way will establish athlete quality motion directly influencing the result obtained.

The technical sport gesture usually lasts between 0.2 and 0.4 seconds where the human eye can not possibly see the whole chain of movement performed to analyze. UCOTrack 3D motion and analysis system analyze with an excellent accuracy recorded images captured by multiple high speed cameras providing custom reports with the values of the parameters most relevant and important of the gesture: speeds, angles, distances, etc.

UCOTrack is a powerful tool for trainers, researchers and athletes in order to analyze in a precise and detailed way technical sport gesture. This analysis allows the athlete; firstly to assess the gesture quality; sencondly to analyze the motion in order to improve weak points and in third instance to recognize harmful movements.

Analizing elite athletes as a model pattern motion is very useful to obtain the best parameters values of a technical sport gesture. This model pattern motion offers a benchmark to be applied in basic categories athletes. Thus athletes have to trying copy the model motion with their trainer instructions.

Results obtained in our researchs shows the importance and utility of having a precise and detailed analysis of the technical sport gesture by means of these capture motion systems both the athlete and the trainer.

UCOTrack has been used to analyze technical sport gesture in:

Shot in Volleyball (Superleague Senior female players vs. Teenage female players)

UCOTrack Deporte Remate Voley


Hurdles jumping (Teenage female athletes and mature male athletes)

UCOTrack Deporte Salto de Vallas


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