Sports Applications

Sports Applications

Motion capture and analysis systems allow the sport science researchers, trainers, gym teachers, etc. accurately analyze, document and track athletes movements. This information can be used in order to improve sport performance, technical gesture and find harmful movements

 UCOTrack Deporte

Our 3D motion capture and analysis system UCOTrack works with multiple synchronized high speed cameras in order to accurately capture fast athlete movements in different points of view where cameras are placed. This configuration makes UCOTrack a precise and high quality system.

 Our system can be applied in several sport fields:

  • Biomechanic Education and Research
  • Sport performance improvement
  • Injures: prevention and rehabilitation
  • Benchmarking of sport material
  • Jump and sprint patterns
  • Shoulder and hip rotation
  • Hand and foot position patterns
  • Custom training programs
  • Show and Teach Sport Science lectures.




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